The Flute of My Songs

by Thomas Davis

When the flute of my songs speak,
The rushes on the riverside move,
And the gray nets of time
Spread out in the seas of life
To catch the tiny fish, man.

O love, can you not hear?
The whisper of the rivers is no more
Than the flute of my songs.
The unthawing ice breaking in winter
With thunderous booms of music
Is only a single, insignificant note.

When I praise your beauty
The mountains listen with valley ears,
And the deserts repeat my praise
In the patterns of their shifting sands.

O love, can you not listen?
Can you not hear the flute of my songs?


Filed under Poetry, Thomas Davis

5 responses to “The Flute of My Songs

  1. Caddo Veil

    Very lovely, Thomas.

  2. I love the sentiments in this poem – and that phrase “the tiny fish, man” is exactly right.

  3. Anna Mark

    The mountains listen with valley ears…fabulous.

  4. The earth breathing with an all-encompassing melody. We catch the tune here thanks to you, Thomas.

  5. “The mountains listen with valley ears” – what a great image! Beautiful words, Thomas – and I can hear the flute’s music, along with your own.

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