William Bingen’s, our grandson’s, first poem

Going through fields
with soft soil beneath my feet
I stand with the wind
softly flowing through my hair.
I follow the straight path
made by the farmers plow.
It takes me to a hill
where I gaze off into the fields of wheat.
I hear the sound of silence,
the sound of nature.


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14 responses to “Fields

  1. This is just lovely Tom.

    You have so much talent in your lovely family. He takes us with him through the fields, a bautiful simplicity, and why complicate it?! I think sometimes thats what we tend to do as acults, and it is t necessary.



  2. Congratulations to Wiliam – well done!

  3. eremophila

    William’s words have taken me to that place. I look forward to more poems.

  4. Caddo Veil

    Wow, more poetic brilliance from your family! Lovely words–to me they sound like Ethel.

  5. Anna Mark

    Lovely, quiet.

  6. I, too, like the wind softly flowing through my hair. In my mind’s eye, I could imagine the climb to the hill with the view over the wheat fields.

  7. I am not sure what age William is, but if he has already learnt to enjoy the sound od silence, he is off to a good start in life


  8. Scriptor Obscura

    Now this is beautiful. Peaceful poem. Lovely.

  9. Wonderful poem! Another poet is born into your family. Hard to believe he’s only 12 – I hope you’ll post more of his work in the future.

  10. From Grandfather to Grandson, the poetry strain…

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