a pastel drawing by Ethel Mortenson Davis



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9 responses to “Maori

  1. Wow! Ethel that is amazing. Love David

  2. This man is wise and pleasant. Nice expression of it.

  3. Incredible line work, and beaufitul use of color. Beyond that, the painting is evocative. Love your work, Ethel.

  4. tikarmavodicka

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I find your talent so insping Ethel. I love the blue and the way you’ve used the other colours. They lend a dreamy warmth. I can imagine this warrior, as a visitation, lending his wisdom to an open seeking heart.
    Tikarma. Xx

  5. I enjoyed all the comments. Thanks. Ethel

  6. Another great pastel, Ethel…

  7. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, this is beautiful! There is much power and strength in this portrait, but also a gentleness about it that makes this pastel very appealing. Just lovely! ~ Julie xoxox

  8. Ethel, I like the way you included the night sky in this drawing. For me, it is a reference to the navigational skills of polynesian people. Without their ability to read the night sky, the Maori would not have arrived in New Zealand. This is a gorgeous drawing.

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