The Catfish River

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

The catfish river starts,
Snorts with a small ripple of foam,
And then goes to sleep again.

The afternoon is covered with sky,
The blue cloth creeping into cradles of stone
And covering dark shallows.

The catfish river rolls over,
Swells with an oily, gray, collapsing wave,
And then goes to sleep again.


Filed under Poetry, Thomas Davis

3 responses to “The Catfish River

  1. A reading or – better hearing? – is invited to look at things, and words , in a new, unconsidered way. A fine poem.

  2. Wonderful writing and imagery, as always, Thomas. I think this is more than just a children’s poem – it’s beautiful!

  3. You have infused the catfish river with life, Thomas. I can almost see the children’s faces as they listen to the music of the words and picture the river waking and sleeping.
    At another level the poem has power and depth. It touches on the vastness of the sky, the constant motion of the river. A beautiful poem.

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