The People

by Ethel Mortenson Davis to the Navajo

I’ll bring a peach sapling
for you–
for the peach trees
that were cut
and burned.

And I’ll bring seed corn
for you–
for the corn that was pulled
out before it gave birth.

I’ll bring two lambs
for you–
for all the sheep
they killed and laid
at your feet
there on the ground
with your tears.


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4 responses to “The People

  1. . . . I’ll bring the water
    for you —
    for all the streams
    they drained
    starving the land
    of its future.

  2. Ethel, I feel strongly the sentiment in this poem. There is a deep spirituality in your poetry that resonates strongly with my own sense of Gaia/nature, and the thoughtlessness of “civilization”. This is a poignant and powerful poem.

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