Portrait of Ethel Mortenson Davis

drawing by Paul Pletka

Paul Pletka is now one of the nation’s best known artists. When Paul came over to our small trailer for supper while we were newlyweds, long before he was famous, he drew this charcoal portrait of Ethel. He had not changed his name to Paul Pletka yet, but was Bill Johnson, one of Tom’s childhood friends. That was 44 years ago now.


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12 responses to “Portrait of Ethel Mortenson Davis

  1. A study in the depth of life — enter thought.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Oh I LOVE this! I’m thrilled to finally get an idea of what Ethel looks like, and I’m not surprised: she has the beautiful strength of an artist/poet. We love you, Ethel.

  3. He saw beauty within and without and set it down in posterity.

  4. What a beauty you were (and I’m sure you still are, Ethel!) I love seeing this portrait of you.

  5. A keepsake for sure. Beautiful

  6. A precious memory, and a fine picture in its own right.

  7. What lovely work … but then how could it not be considering the subject. You might not think you look like that now, Ethel, but I am sure you still do to Thomas. Sorry for my absence. Hope to catch up a little today.

  8. Alexandra MacPherson-Munro

    My husband went to high school in Grand Junction, Colorado with Paul Pletka. He is wanting to find out where he is now. Can you please let me know where he’s at.

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