The Asking

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

The undiscovered land
of the high desert
takes our faces
in her hands
and asks,
“What kind of people
are we?”

“What kind of people
do we want to become?”

She has a way
of changing us
as we walk past
the rocky, dark soils
with giant cedars,
the singular mountain,
and the coyote
moving in his spring dance.

This undiscovered land
takes our faces
in both her hands….
and asks….

and asks….


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15 responses to “The Asking

  1. I think I will print this poem off and pin it on the cork board in my kitchen


  2. and we whisper the answer…………..

  3. No profit in stopping to look at & listen to, then learn from nature–
    sad but true facts of life…

  4. Gave me goosebumps, Ethel – simply exquisite!

  5. Another stand-out. You seem to be so inspired, and inspiring, at present!

  6. Anna Mark

    Beautiful and powerful poem and also true to my experience, deeply true for humanity.

  7. I love the imploring of the land in this … one can feel that when one is in nature, no matter where. “Please, please, take care of ‘me’.” Beautiful, as always, Ethel.

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