by Ethel Mortenson Davis

in my room.
he crawls up
onto my lap
like the uninvited guest
he always is.

i keep hoping
he’ll leave
before dinner.


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12 responses to “Blackness

  1. I love this personification Ethel.

    And. I have had this feeling too

    Love Christine x

  2. Caddo Veil

    I recall when blackness used to visit me as well–what a horrid uninvited guest; and he never left before dinner, always stayed through the night. God bless you, Ethel–love, Caddo

  3. I’m familiar with that blackness too, Ethel… sometimes, like facing a monster in a nightmare – when I confront it, it softens and disappears. I hope it does that for you too – before dinner. I hope it stops seeping into your room altogether….

  4. Acceptance rather than fear. Certainly the best way to deal with it; as you are wise enough to know. As these comments reveal,, we are all kindred.

  5. Simple but so suggestive of those dark moods we are glad to be rid of sooner rather than later.

  6. Divine and provocative. Wonderfully done.

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