In the Stone Fields

photograph by Sonja Bingen

a love poem to Ethel by Thomas Davis

In the stone fields
The roots of the pinyon
Interweave with stone.
In the barest silence
Song is worn like a cloak
Of the brightest colors.

May my lips be as a brook
Bubbling forth songs
In praise of my love.
May my heart be as a pinyon,
Drawing forth music
From the barest stones.

Originally published in The New Quiver, University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, copyright 1972.


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6 responses to “In the Stone Fields

  1. Caddo Veil


  2. Lovely. The open heart can accept so much.

  3. Heart rooted in a sound foundation, bringing forth life like that pinyon!

  4. Thomas, this is simply exquisite!!

  5. Inspired. It ticks all the boxes.

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