A Walrus and an Elephant Discussing The Whale That Runs the General Store

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

“Well,” said the walrus to the elephant upon the shore.
“Have you heard the news the fish are telling
To the whale that runs the General Store?”

“Yes, I’ve heard,” answered the elephant with an ivory grin.
“I’ve heard the crazy, busy-body fish
Are trying to make the whale think that he is thin!”


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6 responses to “A Walrus and an Elephant Discussing The Whale That Runs the General Store

  1. How appropriate, since we are in Houston this weekend visiting one of our grandchildren (4-year old James) — he loves your poem. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Ken, for the news that your four year old grandson, James, loved the poem. I have got to get back to reading other people’s sites, including yours. Students have flooded the college, and I am so busy right now I can’t see straight. The fact that your grandson liked the poem is really important news to me.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Your “kids” poems always appeal to the little girl lost inside me, Thomas! And I’m somewhat relieved to hear how busy you are–I’ve had my “hands” (heart) full, fretting about Betty, and fretting that you, too, were not well. How blessed your incoming students are–they are in for the educational and life-adventure treat of their lives, as you share your knowledge and encouragement with them. I’m a bit envious! God bless you abundantly–have a great semester/quarter. love, Caddo

  3. Every time I read one of your children’s poems, Thomas, I am pleasantly surprised that there is still quite a bit of child in me! Lovely!

  4. “an Ivory grin” – very good Thomas.

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