Standing in a Field Wishing for Rain

a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

Like fat, old clowns with hilly pants
The clouds stride up the mountain sides
And foam their draughts of bright, white brew
And shout and dance with joyous cries.

I stand three hundred miles away
Upon a grainy yellow plain
And wonder what sweet airy sap
Will fetch clouds past the mountain range.

Although written a long time ago, in a year of terrible drought, this seems an appropriate poem for this drought stricken year.


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5 responses to “Standing in a Field Wishing for Rain

  1. “fat, old clowns with hilly pants” 😛

  2. Ben Naga is right: that’s a wonderful picture: clouds like “fat, old clowns with hilly pants”.
    The whole thing is a delight!
    Here in the UK we’ve seen photos and footage of the how the drought has hit you across the USA. “Standing in a field wishing for rain” sums it up, I should think.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Wonderful visuals in this lovely poem, Thomas – I really like the distance you created in the second stanza, even though the “wondering” binds the two together tightly (I know that sounded really muddled, Thomas, but I also know that you know what I mean … lol. Sorry, fibro fog today.) Love this! ~ Julie xox

  4. The description of the clouds is splendid, Thomas!

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