New Mexico

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

we breathe in sky
and out sky,
like the trees
that grow out of rocks,
breathing in sky and living.

He is our father,
the one who made us,
the one who takes
the sky sounds
of hummingbird wings
and gives them to us,
to be our hearts.


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8 responses to “New Mexico

  1. The Land of Enchantment–and breathing in God under all that vast sky! Wonderful poetic capture of this New Mexican reality, Ethel!

  2. Caddo Veil

    Oh this is moving and lovely, Ethel.

  3. belladonna23

    Mmm, makes me feel like I need a vacation.. that fresh air would do anyone good once in a while. Reading this made me feel like I was there with the trees 🙂

  4. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, I could feel the peace in this; and was immediately more aware of my own breathing as I read. I absolutely love those last few lines; beautiful! ~ Wishing you and Thomas a wonderful day, Julie xox

  5. Love of place can give wings to hearts and so words and so grateful readers.

  6. Thank you for these comments. Love Ethel

  7. Gentle, soft thoughts; always such nice poetry, Ethel, in your own style…

  8. Breathed this poem in and out, Ethel, and felt refreshed and heartened as I read it – the air has cooled and the rain has come. And so has the hummingbird to the feeder just outside my window.

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