a children’s poem by Thomas Davis

The night is like a big black pot
That’s full of laughing stars.
The stars are twinkling, bright headlights
Of big, black motor cars.

I know, for out within the woods,
Bush-hiding from the sky,
I heard the far off beeping honks
Of cars within the sky!


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16 responses to “Geese

  1. Ina

    Hi Thomas
    this is lovely 🙂

  2. Beautiful, I love it. Love David

  3. Oh Thomas I love this piece, it makes me want to play.

  4. Caddo Veil

    This is EXCELLENT–I LOVE it, Thomas!

  5. Oh Thomas, this made me smile big! I can imagine your children loving this one.

  6. belladonna23

    such a sweet piece. I wonder, have you published any poetry for children?

  7. Reading the comments, seems this poem works for adults, too…

  8. This is fun, Thomas, and immensely charming.

  9. Wonderful, Thomas. Brought a smile as it warmed my heart.

  10. Anna Mark

    I really chuckled here, Thomas. Delightful!

  11. Creating magic with and for children is always special.

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