by Ethel Mortenson Davis

She waits
at the automatic doors
of the Food Mart
knowing food
is close.

She has recently
given birth
and is swollen
with milk.

She makes eye contact
with every person
coming out of the doors,
but most don’t notice her.

One person says,
“Look at that dog.”

She finally leaves.


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12 responses to “Dispossessed

  1. My prayers for all stray and abandoned dogs today, especially those who are new mothers! (And the human ones, as well!) Thank you, Ethel, for reminding me of this urgent need just now!

  2. Great commentary in this!

  3. The issue is presented beautifully and artfully. Great poem!

  4. Automatic doors. Automatic people too?

  5. So sad , why are people so disinterested in animals and other people !

  6. So very sad… if only more humans would open their eyes and their hearts….

  7. This is very touching. And, you know, it can be read at least two ways: first we are told “she” waits at the doors (and we think of a person), then we hear “look at that dog” which suddenly shifts the perspective. Then back again, and on!

  8. Beautiful and sad and true.

  9. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, this beautifully written poem is a heartbreaking statement of human’s lack of compassion towards all beings (human and otherwise) that is all too often true … it brought tears to my eyes.

  10. Heartwrenching, but unfortunately so often true. (forgive my absence and the brevity of my comments over the next few weeks. I just received the edit of my upcoming novel from my publisher and it is keeping me busy) Hope you both are well!

  11. Anna Mark

    all…gone astray…

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