Listening For the Song

I have gone
to the four corners canyon
to listen
for the song,

but it is silent,
except for the wind whooshing
through junipers.

Last night
great storm clouds gathered
in the south.

This morning, before light,
I woke to chanting—
A woman’s voice
below my window.

Note: Written after a long period of writer’s block.


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

9 responses to “Listening For the Song

  1. Anna Mark

    I love poems with storms and windows. It is also encouraging for me to hear about your writer’s block. Beautiful poem.

  2. I know that feeling of listening for the song – and having it remain silent… Guess we all go through writer’s block. Glad you emerged, more beautiful than ever! (I love the chanting woman at the end.)

  3. Ron Ireland

    This is excellent.

  4. Ah, the Muse’s voice returns after a sojourn with Creation herself, right?

  5. well obviously well worth the weight!

  6. Caddo Veil

    Wonderful–I love it!

  7. Lovely, Ethel…and such a gift to other artists!

  8. I like this, particularly her voice under your window. Well done.

  9. An internal peace and balance, beneath changing circumstances …

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