The Old Gray Wife

by Thomas Davis

I’ve never met a woman
Who looked so tired and worn
As that old earthy lady
Of the early morn.

She wears gray skirts and blouses
Soaked wet by morning dew
And goes around a dyeing
The skies a laundry blue.

I’ve heard that her bright husband
Is such a sleepyhead
She has to light his fire
To get him out of bed.

Note: Since posting the last of the sonnet sequence, I have been wondering what to post next. Writing the dragon epic is taking up the little writing time I have, but I am only able to write one section a week. The problem is that Ethel and I each post two poems a week. Betty Hayes Albright, who posts wonderful children’s poetry, recently asked if I would post children’s poetry I wrote for my two daughters, Sonja Bingen and Mary Wood, when they were young. I am not sure they will remember the poems, but that is one answer to my dilemma. Another is that I could publish love poems I wrote to Ethel when we were young. I have decided to publish both children’s and love poems over the next few months as I finish the dragon epic. Most were written in the 1960s and 1970s, although I am still writing love poems to Ethel all these years later.


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14 responses to “The Old Gray Wife

  1. “The Old Grey Wife” was really good. You have a way with Sonnets

  2. The sentiments in your note are beautiful Thomas 🙂

    And this poem is really lovely – made me smile :):)


  3. Oh Thomas, this made me smile – I love it! And I’ll be looking forward to more children’s and love poetry. (What a wonderful, romantic relationship you and Ethel have – still writing love poetry to her after many years. Warms my heart!)

  4. Wonderful. I’m so glad I found your blog. Thanks you. Jane

  5. Julie Catherine

    Thomas, this is delightful, and made me smile this morning. I can’t wait to read some of the children’s poetry – and especially your love letters to Ethel. How romantic! 🙂

  6. Caddo Veil

    I love all of it, no matter what the subject or form–how wonderful that you still write love poems to Ethel. How very endearing! God bless you both.

  7. Love this poem showing wife and husband as dawn and sunrise! Wonderful, light-hearted loving this is!
    With regard to your immediate past post of that photograph by Sonja of the SwallowtailButterly, the firewall on this shared system blocks anything with the syllable “butt-” in its title! I am sure it was fabulous,as all her other photos are!

  8. Anna Mark

    I am looking forward to both, too, Thomas. How fitting that your love poetry will be published alongside children’s poetry, the fruits of your love. Beauty.

  9. I think most men need a fire lit underneath them!

  10. Depending… he may not be as lazy as he appears. 🙂

  11. Clever and original Thomas.

  12. It is always so interesting to read poetry and prose written a while ago and I look forward to your future postings, Thomas. How wonderful that you still write love poems to Ethel. That is rare and quite beautiful. My grandmother (who died when my mom was only 10) wrote a little poetry for her children which my mother cherishes to this day.

    The Old Gray Wife is charming, by the way!

  13. FourWindowsPress is always a sight for sore eyes, so much talent here.
    Thank you all…

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