a painting by Sonja Bingen, our daughter

Note: This is a companion work to an earlier painting by Sonja, Bay Stones.


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14 responses to “Stones

  1. What a beautiful picture! The colours, the shapes and the composition are so perfectly judged!

  2. These are lovely and colorful stones 🙂

  3. Beautiful painting — so real, yet surreal!

  4. Oh, this is a beautiful painting! So vivid – I could very easily live with this one on my wall 🙂

    A family of true talent! 🙂


  5. PS There look to be a few stones here that Belfast David would like to grab to show his skimming skills – just thinking about his first IPad painting!! :):)


  6. I thought this was a photo at first, Sonja, but it is a painting. Very nice job. Please keep doing more. Love Mom

  7. Caddo Veil

    I’ve become so redundant, I know–but I come here, and my response is always WOW. This is a lovely and peaceful work, Sonja. God bless you abundantly. Caddo

  8. sonjabingen

    This painting is on it’s way to New Mexico…Happy Mother’s Day mom! It was supposed to be a secret, but dad put it on his wordpress 😉

  9. So well done.. super talented! I’m amazed!

  10. tikarmavodicka

    Oh Wow! This is very inspiring to me! The perspective and the colours are wonderful! Such talent too, to be able to render these stones so perfectly they look almost real. I feel I could just reach out and pick one up.
    Beautiful work and such inspiring talent!

    Tikarma. x

  11. Even as you painted them, I am stepping on them now. Beautiful.

  12. Ina

    What a lovely colours 🙂 and realistic, they have body!

  13. Amazing that this is a painting! I thought it was a photograph – it’s just beautiful!!

  14. As one who has collected special rocks and stones all of her life, I rejoice in this painting by Sonja! How carefully she reveals the uniqueness of each stone she paints.

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