a poster design by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son

Kevin’s note with the design: A simple play on the Sudanese flag to bring greater attention towards the ongoing Darfur situation.

The Darfur conflict is still ongoing even though the region, the size of France, gained independence in 2011. Kevin was part of the movement to protest what he saw as genocide in Darfur and created this poster as part of that movement. The poster gained national notice.


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10 responses to “Darfur

  1. And well it deserved to Thomas. It carries a powerful message.

    Well done to Kevin for this one.


  2. At a conference with high school students from the Menominee Reservation area through the College of Menominee Nation. Reminds me of Kevin and Jesse and what they did with their lives. Kevin always had a power in his creations. They still do!

    Mary W.

  3. Caddo Veil

    Very powerful art. Through your sharing of his work, I feel like I’m getting to know Kevin a little. God bless you all today.

  4. sonjabingen

    I remember seeing a CNN news report on Dafur, the story highlighted with this web design, before I knew my brother created it. He touched the world with his insight.

  5. Ina

    A very impressive poster, it says so clearly how Darfur is a big disgrace.

  6. Kevin is immortal, even in the minds of atheists, with this most fitting Darfur protest poster. So proud you must be!

  7. As others have said, very powerful! What a wonderful man Kevin must’ve been – with his character, ethics and depth.

  8. Thank you for these comments. This design was used by CNN as a face page during a month on Darfur. Love Ethel

  9. You have much more than the love of a dear son to miss your Alazanto…

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