Kite Flying

a photo essay by Sonja Bingen

The winds of early spring sing windy songs
and young boy’s thoughts begin to long

for wings that lift his feet off ground to sky
and let his spirit start to fly.

He starts upon a hill, runs, lets legs stretch
as gentle winds begin to catch

the kite into its dance of buffeting
as paper, string, and tail go soaring

into a place where boys have always run
into the joy of springtime’s sun.


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10 responses to “Kite Flying

  1. This is such a joyful series of photos. My favourite is a boy and his dog running up the hill. The accompanying words are perfect. Thank you for sharing this wonderful glimpse of your life.

  2. Very nice Poem. Make me want to fly a kite too!

  3. Ina

    Hi T and E, this is lovely, this goes so well together, the pictures and the poem 🙂 Happy Easter!

  4. Caddo Veil

    “Where boys have always run”–oh, I love that line!! This is a wonderful joy-affirming photo essay–thank so much. Thinking of you all with great joy and love, as well. God bless you abundantly.

  5. Joyful and uplifting (literally!) Thank you, a wonderful post!

  6. such fun and fabulous photos!

  7. Brings back memories of flying kites from fishing poles… strong line… and lots of it.

  8. This tells a simple universal story in such a loving way! Flying a kite is probably more a boy’s experience of having wings than being in an airplane.

  9. Poetry & pictures, uplifting, rhyming, flying high– another springtime; beautifully written. Thank you, Sonja Bingen…

  10. This brings back so many blessed memories of going to parks to fly kites with my own son (and daughter) while they were growing up. And I remember all the homemade kites I and my father made and I then flew in green fields like the ones above. Wonderful sharing–bless you!

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