Box Canyon Falls in the San Juan Mountains Near Ouray, Colorado

a photograph by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son

November 18, 2007


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12 responses to “Box Canyon Falls in the San Juan Mountains Near Ouray, Colorado

  1. It is views like this… so many, that I trek through the woods or to the mountains whenever I can. Being in the wild gives me a feeling of being reborn.

  2. Another stunning picture making me wish to be there even for a minute.

  3. Caddo Veil

    Oh WOW, this is Beyond Beautiful!! God bless you abundantly today.

  4. Beautiful – the word “pure” came to mind. Such purity in those falling waters and the rocks they wash against.

  5. A wonderful shot — feels like I’m somehow stealing the view of this fall …

    And I dearly *love* Ouray. This brings back a sweet memory.

    Thank you.

  6. What secrets, what wonders, what shelter, what refreshment discovered in these falls, so fantastically well-photographed by Kevin.

  7. Julie Catherine

    The tears flow into the well of your hearts …

  8. Anna Mark

    Am I right to think that that is a ray of light flowing into the waterfall? Beautiful. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the bathing, watery quality of light on skin, faces…and so I see a ray of light pouring into the water.

  9. Oh wow! Another stunning scenery! A great photo too 🙂

  10. I find such secretiveness to this photo, the water almost not wanting to be seen…the bluish coloring adding to its mystery.

    So lovely to look upon! Like the lingering spirit of Kevin.

  11. Another gripping image.

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