Ice Formation

by Alazanto, Kevin Davis, our son

Taken in the San Juan Mountains near Ouray, Colorado, November 18th, 2007.


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19 responses to “Ice Formation

  1. so beautiful…… cold! Nice job!

  2. Made me shiver! Excellent work–wish I could have met the boy.

  3. sandy

    Ice on red rock, now that is a sight.
    Did you spot that heart in the center of the photo?

  4. very apt for today’s’ weather here!!

  5. fivereflections

    the colors of a red earth enduring the frozen season in such beauty

  6. sonjabingen

    I see the heart.

  7. Oona Hays

    The richness of the color of the earth is a striking contrast to the clarity and coolness of the ice. Nice detail!

  8. That’s a beautiful photo! The ice against the red earth is striking.

  9. wow..this is breath-taking beauty…

  10. What a beautiful picture.

    I could feel the cold from just looking at it


  11. Gorgeous contrast of colour and texture.

  12. What an amazing photo, once again! And I too see the heart – a little love note to you and your family, perchance…

  13. The contrast of these stark, sharp, bluey-white icicles draped over the earth-red weighed-down stone escarpment is just fabulous. Your son managed to capture at an angle that emphasized the draping action of the icicles! Kudos.

  14. A wonderful painting of the magic eye!

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