pastel by Ethel Mortenson Davis



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12 responses to “Ancestor

  1. From out of the shadows ancestors watch,
    urging their descendents to discover earth’s treasures,
    that are hidden from those who merely see with their eyes.

  2. thomag1

    how much we do miss in nature and life……but we’re only here for a ‘blink.’
    a very nice addition to the pastel…good vibe, thomas.

  3. Elizabeth Herron

    Wow! This knocks my socks off. Thank you Ethel.

  4. Caddo Veil

    This is so gorgeous, exquisite–subtle but very powerful!

  5. This is an amazing pastel. I love the colours and for me it has a sense of mystery.

  6. I felt myself falling into the beautiful colors of this, into the image… love it!

  7. Ethyl,
    I’d like permission to post this image with the poem below:

    when it happens

    when it happens,
    will I feel the dark waters
    seep into my lungs, hear the silence
    pour thickly through my ears,
    taste the bitterness
    of uncried

    I’ve heard how it rattles
    as it jimmies locked doors
    searching for any opening
    to surprise sleeping cells,
    the innocent

    As the wave washes through my mind
    Will I feel terror
    as I flee
    to higher

    Or will I quit
    this tragic trip just
    seconds ahead of death’s cold grip,
    and ascend to you,
    slender and
    and new?

  8. Anna Mark

    Thomas, I was so invigorated by your comment re: A Knot? I wrote back quite a response and I hope you enjoy it! The art above is lovely, indeed.

  9. All the many blues, the strong facial features peeking from under the leaf, and the totally delectable, almost edible brushwork make this a real prize.

  10. This is beautiful, Ethel, primevally so.

  11. Beautiful, talented family art works on these pages, thank you for sharing so much artistry with us. Most inspiring 🙂

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