Song of Ecstasy

a pastel and poem by Ethel Mortenson Davis

Song of Ecstasy

She is the sort that hears the song
the hills make after a heavy rain—
a humming sound one hears
first through the finger tips,
then the ears.

She’s the sort that dances with antelope at dusk,
playing in the field until dawn.

She’s the sort that makes the insect song—
not bell, nor click, but a rhythm in-between:

like the sound the silver pieces
sewn on her dress and leggings make,
a sound like wind and bell
as she makes her grand entry
in a circle around the village—

head held high,
her hair flowing behind her—

tasting the song of pure ecstasy
like honey on the tongue.


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21 responses to “Song of Ecstasy

  1. thomag1

    I could sit and read your poetry for hours….I don’t know how you do it…and with such feeling that you make me feel…..very, very beautiful.


  2. Such a beautiful dreamlike quality in both poem and pastel.

  3. Julie Catherine

    Ethel, I love your pastel painting, it’s beautiful. And your poem is as lyrical as its title, filling the reader with pure joy. Your imagery is just beautiful, I really really like this whole presentation. ~ Julie 🙂

  4. Caddo Veil

    This is pure beauty and genius–I love the last 2 lines; I dare say I’ve tasted that song of ecstasy from time to time. Thanks for describing it so well. God bless you!

  5. Wow. That is so wonderful. I met her once but she would not let me bide with her. I miss her. XX

  6. An utterly enthralling poem – it just made me want to dance! And the pastel is beautiful.

    Ethel, I feel so lucky to be reading your poetry and seeing your artwork here – you and Thomas and your family are so amazingly gifted.

  7. fivereflections

    i can certainly feel and imagine the energy in this beautiful poem and creative art

    thank you for sharing

  8. oh, this is truly beautiful. I can see her in the meadows dancing and I can here her.

  9. Julie Catherine

    Thomas and Ethel, I’m just stopping by to tell you both that I have presented you with the Candle Lighter award – please see my blog for details. 🙂 ~ Julie

  10. oh she seems to be a pretty independent spirit..dancing with the antilope, singing the insects songs..the rhythm in-between…beautifully fresh and dreamy write..would be interesting to meet and chat a bit with her…smiles

  11. Beautiful art, beautiful poem – there is a wonderful consistency about your work.

  12. Exquisite painting to introduce this post! It accurately portrays a “she” who sounds like wind and bell, whispering and chiming and gonging her way into our hearts!

  13. Such a seductive picture.
    Such a seductive poem

    I am off out to the shop to buy some honey to spread on my toast 🙂


  14. Delicate use of the “s” sound…

  15. Elizabeth Herron

    What a wonderful partnership!!

  16. Marc Rodriguez

    Very nice! I think I’ll be checking out your blog on a regular basis. 🙂

  17. Absolutely lovely–the painting and the poetry. The imagery is incredible.

  18. What a visual your words conjure up…complete with sound and taste. You tell an engaging story in such a few lines…a story of one who dances to her own drummer.

    Lovely, lovely poem!

  19. Beautiful poetry and images.

    And thank you for visiting 20 LInes a Day blog and liking my photo.

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