by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I sleep
between the moons of New Mexico—
sunset and sunrise.
My bed is the yellow-ocher grasses
dotted with green juniper and piñon.

I am the summer sun climbing
from the life-giving phase
into the deadly phase–
like the rattlesnake,
deadly and life-giving,
that blends into the yellow grasses
as it careens along
the canyon’s face.

I cover myself
with the blue mountains,
with moon-like stars.

I am the spirit of wonderment.
I am a spell
upon every living being
in my path.

Copyright © 2010, I Sleep Between the Moons of New Mexico


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20 responses to “Enchantment

  1. thomag1

    ….so beautiful, Ethel….you are a poet!

  2. Magical. Enchanting even!

  3. This poem took me right out of work into another world where I’d rather be. “I am a spell/upon every living being/in my path” the evolution of the poem to this ending is startling, and so well done; simple, beautiful things with a hint of fear and then the relief in knowing how amazing you(just a human) are in that moment.

  4. Such beautiful imagery I truly love this I close my eyes and see the landscape described.

  5. Ethel, you write some of the most gorgeous poetry on WordPress. Thank you…

  6. Couldn’t’ve been more perfectly named: I actually fell under a spell while I read this. It reads like a beautiful incantation. Superb!

  7. I like this post a lot!
    You are indeed a spell! 🙂

  8. I love the “Spirit of Wonderment” that is a spell on every living thing in its path–I think I must be benefiting from that spell–thank you much!!

  9. I must echo what everyone else has said above.
    Enchantment is alive and well, in your poetry – this is breath-taking and beautiful once again, Ethel. The last three lines are a perfect ending to what is a perfect poem.

  10. chaconrafa

    Beautiful without doubt!

  11. “I cover myself with the blue mountains”…completely enchanting poem arising out of the Land of Enchantment, New Mexico! One really feels as though the earth and all its attendants are singing to one in New Mexico!

  12. An amazing poem. It is filed with wild beauty, gorgeous like a wild lioness. you handled it so elegantly that the words linger in mind after reading the whole poem.

  13. I sometimes think how much I lost by no longer having the sense of awe I felt as a child when everything was new and everything was wonderful.

    Your poem helped me, if only for a few moments, get in touch with that feeling again

    Thank you


  14. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  15. Harmonic, beautiful poem. Thank you

  16. ‘I am the spirit of wonderment.
    I am a spell
    upon every living being
    in my path.’

    And so you do cast such a spine-tingling spell with your poetry.

  17. Julie Catherine

    I, too, was mesmerized by this wonderful poem. I felt its connectedness with the wildness of the surroundings, and a spirituality culminating in the incredibly beautiful last stanza. A lovely, lovely poem. ~ Julie

  18. Again, you conjure up exactly what you promise: enchantment.

  19. Oh, I just love your descriptions…sleeping between the “moons of New Mexico”! Sooooo lovely and artfully creative!

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