Dappled Sky Horse

by Sonja Bingen, our daughter


Filed under Art, Photography

14 responses to “Dappled Sky Horse

  1. thomag1

    It appears Miss Bingen has an eye for beautiful composition in nature, also, just like mom and dad. Very nice.

  2. Sea of dreams, wonderful image!

  3. We had a like that here about 2 days ago. These types of skies seem to want us to go ahead of them, not follow them. But the winter trees know best: they just wait.

  4. The beauty of mother nature and those who capture it fill me with awe.

  5. Caddo Veil

    So, so lovely.

  6. Such a wonder-full dappled sky for us to ride into our imaginations. The skies create the most interesting patterns for us – this is a wonderful photograph!

  7. You can almost feel the crisp winter air burning your nostrils . . .

  8. You are so lucky to be surrounded by such a talented family! I am so impressed. This picture is stunning.

  9. Indeed a rather special sky.

  10. Great post! Feel free to follow my brand new blog page at http://tigergroves.wordpress.com Hope to see you on my list soon and I’ll be looking for new and interesting posts from you in the future. Thanks!

  11. Great moment to capture (and love the title!)

  12. Both of you are creative in many different ways – photography, painting, poetry, etc. Impressive!

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