Dancer with Headdress

A pastel by Ethel Mortenson Davis


Filed under Art, Art by Ethel Mortenson Davis, Ethel Mortenson Davis

19 responses to “Dancer with Headdress

  1. Ethel! How beautiful! Thank you for posting this. Steve

  2. Caddo Veil

    Gorgeous–I LOVE it–full of spirit, passion and reverence.

  3. Dear lady, you are so inspiring. I haven’t done any pastel work in such a long time and now I am *itching* to do it!! What an energetic *and* energizing artwork this is. Wonderful

  4. Great use of color and lines that project a rhythm of the dance.

  5. This is so wonderful – stirs my heart (and my Native American blood). Beautiful work, Ethel – again, you are so gifted!

  6. You have captured magical and mystical in the same moment . Love David

  7. What a beautiful picture.

    I truly do admire and, dare I say it, envy your talent.


  8. sonjabingen

    Mom you are an amazing inspiration!

  9. Thank you for your comments.Ethel

  10. Amazing, absolutely amazing.

  11. Wonderful work, Ethel…the motion, the colors, the transparency of the smoke. Pastels are not an easy medium at all and this is some of the best work in them I’ve seen!

  12. Breathtaking, haunting, and yet somehow a familiar facial expression of focus on nature’s power!

  13. tikarmavodicka

    So wonderful! This is such an evocative and energetic piece. I certainly feel a sense of great energy…the dance…and also a deeper contemplation a deeper wisdom within the facial expression of this dancer. You a most talented!! I find this very inspring!

  14. Great post! If your not already following my page, feel free to follow at my new and updated blog at Thank you!

  15. Beautiful pastel! It feels like the native american is one with the sky and stars!

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