More Awards

Ethel and I have received so many award nominations at this point we can no longer keep up with all of them. We are so grateful to the poets and writers who have esteemed us enough to notice our, and our children’s and grandchildren’s, poetry, art, and photographs, in this way, and we want to acknowledge them and their work. In the great poetry schools the major method of instruction is criticism, but we have always believed the opposite is more important: That the creative impulse blossoms into a field of flowers best when the environment is supportive and filled with teaching that encourages the best in poets and artists. We want to build those who have noticed our work and encourage them in their own work, so here are those who have nominated us recently:

Dark Zone, who nominated us for a Versatile Blogger’s Award. Aslan is a poet and short story writer in the dark zone.

Written Words Never Die, who nominated us for a Liebster Blog Award. Eric’s short short fiction is worth a visit.

The Plaid Ant, who nominated us for another Liebster Blog Award. The Plaid Ant’s poetry is filled with joy, humor, and humanity.

Since we have won these awards before, we acknowledge those who have recently nominated us for them again.

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