Winter Days

by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I remember
how the winter days
had to be just right,
without a sign of wind,
to get the ponds like glass

and how we shined the glass
beneath the snow
to look at giant seas
caught under the ice
by some surprise glacier.


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10 responses to “Winter Days

  1. We have a pond on our property, and though I’d never trust it enough to walk out on it, your poem tempts me to try and discover its hidden kingdoms.

  2. belladonna23

    this makes me think of how we can look back on old memories, knowing we can’t change them, and wondering how things may have been if we did…. amazing

  3. I’ve been lurking on here for a few weeks now, and finally getting around to comment that I’m utterly enchanted by both of your poetries. You both have deft hands with bringing nature, emotion, and life together into one lyrical whole; and the visual art accents give it another layer of beauty. Thanks for this site, and please keep going. 🙂

  4. What wonderful imagery! Ethel, you capture so MUCH in just a few simple lines – which makes your poems shine like jewels. So many amazing facets in every line!

  5. Ethel,
    Wonderful poem with drops of warmth and hope. I love the winter evergreen covered in ice as it brings me closer to your words. Thank you for a wonderful memory not quite mine but adopted quickly. I think I will pour water on the drive and make an ice patch for the kids and I to skate. Many thoughts, Sherry

  6. Ah, to find beauty in everything we see, even if it’s just outside our windows.
    I love the imagery you presented. Happy holidays!

  7. The simplicity of your words and the depth of your imagery left me with a smile on my face.

    I like a poem which has that affect


  8. This is like a wild goose taking flight: there’s a leap (“I remember”) followed by a low trajectory (that first stanza could be prose if it were not for the careful line-breaks – each line is like a deliberate stroke of the wings), then a hint of a take-off (“and how we shined the glass”) before – at last – that soaring climb into expansive imagery (“to look at giant seas/ caught under the ice/ by some surprise glacier”).
    In short : wow!

  9. Lyrical, elegaic, delicate, full of wonder. A beautiful poem.

  10. Angela

    Wonderful description of magnificence in life’s simplest of gifts. 🙂

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