Reflections in a Pool, a drawing by William Bingen

This is for you Grandpa and Nana from Will! He made it during recess.


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7 responses to “Reflections in a Pool, a drawing by William Bingen

  1. Children know how to make you smile!

  2. How perceptive, the trees reflecting in a pond…

  3. WOW! How old is this very talented and gifted child. Most children only get the big picture, he got the little one in the pond also.


  4. Anna Mark

    …yes, for me too it’s the trees reflected in the pond with the sun. Lovely. You are blessed.

  5. So much talent in your family – I see the making of another great artist here!

  6. The pool with reflection is amazing. I’m guessing William has some talent in mathematics as well as art. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  7. I like this a LOT! Not having little ones in my life, I envy you just a tad bit. God bless you in this season of love!

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