An Evening

by Ethel Mortenson Davis
For Sophia and Phoebe

Because this night is filled
with black-winged pelicans
coming in to land,
a sail being taken down,
a sliver of a moon
climbing above
the white birch trees,

and laugher from young girls
rising above the lapping waves,

no more can fit
into the evening.


Filed under Ethel Mortenson Davis, Poetry

8 responses to “An Evening

  1. Another succinct, yet rich poem – I love “no more can fit/into the evening”. Perfect ending!

  2. Excellent, especially the ending!
    I wanted to let you know, also, that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. You are familiar with it already, but I really wanted to add you to my list!

  3. That’s lovely. Thank you.

  4. You paint a rather full picture, indeed…

  5. thepiratehorizon

    delicately immaterial – power of words. they fill nights too, and nothing else fits.

  6. This is delightful. I like the contrasts between the black winged pelicans and the white birches, the sail coming down and the moon rising, and I love the deceptive logic “because [all this … therefore ] no more can fit into this evening”. Charming!!

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