Sonnet 5

I look upon his face, eyes closed, skin yellow.
His mother sits beside him in a chair,
her waiting silent, the currents in the ebb-flow
of illness mestasizing love and care
against malignancy, confusion, breath
that pauses much too long, then raggedly
resumes to indicate expected death
is not yet now, will be, God, hopefully,
another moment on another day.
His head slides to the side. His mother takes
a pillow, puts it by his head, her way
of caring, loving in the moves she makes.
I look upon his face and almost see
how mothers are, for sons, eternity.


Filed under Poetry, Thomas Davis

3 responses to “Sonnet 5

  1. Many beautiful, if heartbreaking images in this sonnet. “mestasizing love and care against malignancy”–very nice.

  2. Caddo Veil

    Torturously beautiful, & very “real”–thank you.

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