Cryptic Moon

A sonnet by Thomas Davis

The moon rose over Grand Mesa’s dark blue rim
dark red, a presence hanging ominously vast
above our heads, the hills around us, dim
from fading light, now eerie, light recast
into a land of shadows burned with burnished red
that made the piñon’s stillness bristle gloom
and rocks elongate as they shined and bled
across a landscape rising toward the moon.

We walked, hand clasped in hand, our love intense,
into the weirding light, our senses shocked
by how the day had disconcerted sense,
transmuted time, the spirit of the rocks.

We walked in silence as the red, red moon
compressed to gold, then silver, a cryptic rune.


Filed under Poetry, Thomas Davis

2 responses to “Cryptic Moon

  1. lovely poem. I especially like “weirding light” and “the day had disconcerted sense” and the effect they have of disconcerting sense in the reader, to excite the viewer’s mind into that peculiar perspective which is the poetic sense.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog; I’m very happy to meet other poets this way.

  2. “…as the red, red moon
    compressed to gold, then silver, a cryptic rune.”

    Cryptic rune, mystic aphorism, intriguingly enthralling mental visions, spells cast by ancient alphabet referral. (ab ab cd cd ef ef gg)

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