My One True Love And the Meaning of Moments

by Thomas Davis

She stands inside the garden’s blooming, still
As long green stalks that reach toward the sun.
Above her head the Arcosanti bell,
A gift brought to her by her lovely son,
Waits wind to stir its deep, pure voice to song.
Her graying hair shines in the early morning light:
A silent testament to births and how
Her son died in a place she did not understand
And how her daughters have a boundless grace
And how granddaughters gleam and grandsons spark,
One caught inside autism’s draining clinch—
A binding to the yellows, blues, and pinks
Of blooms she planted in the early spring

Then, whirring, one bold calliope bees
Up to the bright red feeder near her eyes
And slips its slender beak into the hole
Where nectar made inside her kitchen sink
Transmutes into an iridescent energy.
A moment more and clouds of hummingbirds
Kaleidoscope around her head; her eyes
And spirit swirled into a halo born
Of flowers, bell, the hummingbirds, the light
Of early morning, all the life she’s lived.


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3 responses to “My One True Love And the Meaning of Moments

  1. This is really beautiful !
    Check out my poems . 🙂

  2. I checked out your poems and like the whole design of what you are doing. Thanks, Thomas Davis

  3. Julie Catherine

    Thomas, what a truly beautiful, loving testament to the woman who is your one true love; I really enjoyed reading this morsel of time that has such meaning to you. I was drawn into your poem, into the tapestry that you wove with such skill and emotion – and pure devotion to a woman who has borne much in her life, who sees and understands its heartache and joys; and who is one with her world and yours.This is a delicate write, and I loved it. ~ Julie

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